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Bobbin Up and Down

My bobbin is showing up on the top! What do I do?

Happy Tension
Excerpt From happy Sewing Machines Sewing Manual

This is a common problem, go down our check list and see what happens:

  1. Clean out the bobbin area.
    Try using a dry clean paint brush. Brush out any lint, sometimes a small piece of thread hiding in there can be the whole problem.
  2. Re-thread the top and bobbin threads:
    Sometimes we rush into the job and we thread things up forgetting a turn somewhere.
  3. Some people have said putting their thread in a cut next to their machine seems to work wonders (home embroidery machines only)
  4. Have you changed your thread?
    Some brands are made differently and may cause your machine to require different tension setting.Often even if we don’t change the thread, it is still a tension issue.
  5. Adjust the tension.
    If the bobbin is showing that means the bobbin is too loose and being pulled by the top thread. Tighten the tension very slowly, and try sewing a section: stop and adjust again. Keep going until you don’t see any more bobbin.

If this fails to make a change, we would suggest taking your machine to be professionally looked at; there can be other issues such as timing that may need to be tweaked.

There is a mess of thread trapped under the plate. What do I do?

Embroidery Birds-nest
Embroidery birds-nests don’t need to ruin your work

This is commonly called a “bird’s nest”. This happens when for some reason the thread didn’t meet with the bobbin, and somehow got stuck but kept sewing along as if nothing happened. Hopefully you caught this before it got too bad and put a hole in the garment.

If it does get really messy, get a razor blade or small cuticle style scissor and run the blade just under the hoop and the plate to cut off the nest from the fabric.

Do not to un-hoop the garment; when you succeed, you may be able to continue with the project.

Unhook the hoop from the machine, clean out the bobbin area well. Change your needle, it is most likely bent if not already broken.

Re thread, reinstall the hoop to the armature, rewind the program back to just prior to where the thread broke or the design stopped, and restart the machine.

My thread is shredding why? What can I do to stop it?

Shredding occurs when there is too much pressure somewhere. Sometimes the needle has a small nick somewhere, try replacing the needle. Check your bobbin tension: attempt lowering it just a bit and see if that helps. Sometimes it is just the thread: Old thread may break down and cause shredding. If you have a home embroidery unit, try putting your thread in a cup and make sure there are no kinks occurring while the thread is pulled out.

Toyota Embroidery
Toyota 860 embroidery machines


We  ran a variety of machines on our shop floor over the years, but we have some home use as well as our commercial machines. This includes expertise on specific model such as Toyota Expert and personal Embroidery Machines that were there for us from our start. Feel free to join us on Facebook at the Toyota Embroidery Lovers site to discuss machine issues and to generally learn about these pioneering machines of the early 90’s  where Sewfluffy.com staff administrates the page.

Help with a Brother Embroidery machine is here!

We are also contributing members on Brother PE embroidery on Facebook community as well, along with some very knowledgeable technicians and users very few issues go unresolved quickly; please join us!

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